Weddings are what we do best.

We perform at over 100 weddings a year.

You will have spent an age and a small fortune preparing for your big day so you want it to be perfect and very memorable.

Your entertainment will be a key factor.

Ask Yourself This.....

In 12 months time will your guests remember what the starter was at the wedding breakfast, will they remember what they received as table favours, will they even remember the date, and your first wedding anniversary?.....Probably not.

wedding singing waiter

​However they will remember your entertainment!!

We usually perform our magic after the main course as we find that around that time of the day people are starting to become a little bit fidgety, shoes are starting to come off (if not off already), the children are becoming unsettled. So what better way to inject some energy into your wedding breakfast than MAIN COURSE.

We have a number of different shows available from 70's and 80's to pop and rock but our dirty dancing show is by far our most popular wedding breakfast show.

Imagine the faces of your unsuspecting guests when the waiters who have been attending to their every need for the last couple of hours suddenly jump on a chair, pull out hidden microphones and start the room singing I've Had The Time Of My Life.